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So, what’s the story behind Gofatcat?

Like everyone else, we like experiencing life with more money. So we scoured every site we could find on the web offering to save people money. What we found is that almost every last one of them had one or more of these drawbacks:

  • Too limited!  Deals were only available for a couple days or lessHere today, gone tomorrow and only a few offers at best (most of which nobody really needed anyway).
  • Too darn complicated to use! Navigation was a nightmare, and just trying to download a specific coupon was a major hunting expedition.
  • Too hard to get the touted savings! Once we found a good deal, there always seemed to be too many hoops to jump through. Answer these questions. Fill out this form. Take this survey. Yada yada yada. Hey – we wanted to save money, not be unpaid market survey test subjects!
  • There were way too many useless “benefits!” Who needs a half dozen candles with one thrown in extra for buying? Or 5% off some vastly overpriced candy?  We wanted discounts on the everyday, common necessities of life!                
  • Too expensive! We wanted to save money, not provide an early retirement for the people running the site.

We’re not planning to travel to Bali on a whim. and not interested in hunting down some obscure hardware store no one never heard of to get our savings, or being forced to dine between 4:30 and 6:00 to get a discounted meal.  So we hunkered down and created Gofatcat from the ground up.

Our mission was to provide members a site removing all of the booby traps mentioned above. What’s more, whatever we offered on Gofatcat had to come with the highest integrity.  The benefits our customers expected had to be made crystal clear – and using our service a “no-brainer.”

Unique, Innovative Discounts – But EASY To Use!

As a Gofatcat member, you’re going to find a robust, wide ranging selection of savings on brand names and offered by brand merchants. Plus many of the discounts and savings you’re going to enjoy are EXCLUSIVE to us. Nobody else will be offering them!

We leverage the buying power of thousands of community members - and get massive discounts from major retailers.  We then share 100% of those discounts (and sometimes even a bit more!) with our Gofatcat members. 

You’re also going to find Gofatcat is remarkably (and refreshingly!) simple to use. You see a discount or coupon you want – it’s just a couple of clicks away.

Plus, we’re going to be here whenever you need us.

Uncompromising Customer Service

You need help – you’ll get help! Either give us a call on our toll free number, or send us an email – and we’ll make sure you walk away satisfied. No exceptions – no excuses.

We’re truly proud to offer you a chance of experiencing life with more money. So check us out for yourself. The first 30 days is only a buck, and then, only if you’re fully satisfied access will continue for just $18.60 a month.

A really small investment that will be saving you $100’s of dollars a month – and quite possibly $3,000 (or more!) a year.

Here’s to all those huge savings to come!

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