Why Join?
Why Should YOU Use Gofatcat?

Well, the first reason is pretty simple - because it’s going to put mounds of extra money into your pocket EVERY month!

But that’s only part of it.

We’ve taken a good, hard look at those “daily deal” websites, and decided to create something far superior – something you can literally use every single day - to put more money back into your personal budget.

Let’s get real… who’s going to plunk down cash on a daily deal you probably don’t even want? Please.

Our focus is on items you NEED RIGHT NOW!  As in TODAY!

By spending less money on the products and services you’re already buying, you’ll be keeping more dollars where they belong - in your own pocket!

With your Gofatcat insider advantage, you’ll be spending substantially less on what you are buying NOW

  • Staples like groceries, gas and clothes...
  • Fun things like going out to the movies or a restaurant…
  • Shopping online at national brand stores for less than your friends…
  • And check this out… when is the last time somebody paid you money when you were shopping online? Seriously, we PAY YOU CASH when you shop online! How crazy is that?

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Big Savings, All Day, Every Day!

As a Gofatcat shopper, you’ll have instant 24/7 access to a world of special pricing options that are designed specifically for us.

Plus, these special deals and prices aren’t just one trick ponies, here today and gone tomorrow. You see something you like? It’ll still be there when you’re ready to rumble.

(Keeping it Shockingly Simple!)

We’ve made Gofatcat as simple and easy to use as possible. It really doesn’t do you much good if you have to jump through multiple hoops just to save a buck. We’ve streamlined the process down to the skivvies of saving you money and claiming your discounts.

Frankly, if it takes you more than a minute or two to buy for substantially less… you need to check your typing skills or connection speed!

What would your life be like with thousands of extra dollars every year?

The more you use Gofatcat, the more money you’re going to put back into your pocket every month… on things you’re already buying every single day! Gofatcat.com can easily put thousands of dollars into your bank account every year!

How do we know? Easy, other people just like you are doing it every single day.

  • Macy’s, Sears, JC Penney, The Gap… and many, many more!
  • The Olive Garden, Chili’s, KFC, PF Changs… just to scratch the surface!
  • Kroger, Publix, Safeway, VONS, Smiths… saving you grocery money every day!
  • Sunoco, Exxon, BP, Valero, Chevron… beat back those rising gas prices!
  • Movies, sports, concert or theme park tickets… you name the event, we’ll crush the price!
  • You’ll even save on your pets veterinary care and related products!

Plus, couple our great discounts with additional instant cash back savings, and you have a program that just can’t be beat!

Personal VIP Service!

Here’s something you’re going to just love about us… if you ever have a question or a problem that needs solving – we’ll be there for you. We don’t just have you join and then say “thanks, now don’t bother us.” We actually want your feedback and your comments. And we want to hear about your exciting personal stories about putting more money back into your life!

Our customer support team will bend over backwards to help you any way possible. Just shoot us off a message or call – and we’ll respond ASAP!

It’s Your Call!

We believe this is a very simple choice: Either you’re putting significantly more money into your bank account every month or you’re not… With Gofatcat.com you can walk away anytime. And if you want to leave, it’s not like trying to get a divorce!

No forms to fill out, no sneaky cancellation penalties, no dumb gottchas. (But we’re pretty certain you’ll never leave. People usually don’t walk away from bigger bank accounts… unless maybe you won the lottery or something?)

Welcome Aboard Gift As Well!

Just for trying our one-buck, getting to know us trial, we’ll be sending you a gift of your choice with a minimum value of $25.  So getting a $25 (or more) thank-you gift for a buck? Not too shabby if we do say so ourselves!

Never Pay Full Price Again!

Imagine never having to pay full retail price again when shopping - for as long as you’re an active participant.  The Gofatcat membership community is one you most definitely don’t want to be without!

Why are we giving you this full featured 30 day trial for only a single, solitary buck? (4 quarters. A cup of Joe.) Simple, because we know you’re going to be thrilled to find more money in your pocket at the end of every month.

You’ll get 30 entire days to put your Gofatcat membership to the test. There are no restrictions whatsoever – save often and save big!

Once you see the type of money saving discounts we’re talking about, I’m going to bet we couldn’t pry that Gofatcat member’s ID away from your fingers if we tried.

Get Your $1 Full Trial Membership Now!

Grab your $1 trial membership today – right now in fact. Then after 30 days, it’s only $18.60 a month to continue using Gofatcat. If you don’t find a lot more money than that in your bank account after your trial period, cancel. (Although you’d have to be trying pretty darn hard to avoid saving busloads of cash!)

Ready? Then Gofatcat is waiting for you!

  • Free Enrollment Gift
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Only $1 For 30 Days
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